You can’t use those colors together. Of course the bride has to have to a traditional white cake with buttercream frosting. What do you mean you’re not tossing the bouquet??? To all the nay-sayers out there who insist on keeping all things traditional for a wedding, tell them it’s the 21st century. You may even mention to them that you don’t want a wedding cake. You want a frozen yogurt truck at your wedding instead.

Someone call a medic. I think grandma just had a heart attack!

In speaking with so many brides these days, you come to find out real fast that in today’s world, anything and everything goes. It’s not about being traditional anymore. So what if the bride doesn’t have something old, new, borrowed, or blue? Who cares if I want to see my soon-to-be-husband (or wife) the night before or right before the ceremony? Does that mean we are going to have a short and loveless marriage? No! It means I missed the heck out of him and want to see him again, like now! Some brides even pull a bait and switch. They buy a second dress, either tea-length or a cocktail dress, to wear for the first look. I mean yes, I suppose it does kind of defeat the purpose of not seeing your fiancé before the wedding, but the plan is to make him think that this is your wedding dress. Then, being ever so sneaky, you run and change into your actual wedding dress, and ta-da! surprise him when you walk down the aisle. It’s okay to be a little devious on your wedding day.

I mean hey, he should have known the type of person you were before he popped the question.

Even with this whole, toss the bouquet to all the single ladies out there and let them fight over who gets it, just make sure you have your photographer ready to capture all of the unladylike actions going on. Now, more and more couples are incorporating an anniversary dance. You invite all married couples to dance, slowing narrowing down until you’re left with the one couple that has been married the longest, and present them with the bouquet. It even sounds cute just thinking about it.

The point is, you’re the bride and this is your day. Not your in-laws, not your very opinionated friend’s, no one but you and your fiancé. If you want to wear white overalls in lieu of a wedding dress; if you want a 10 foot long banana split at your dessert table; if you want an aisle runner with pictures chronicling monumental moments in your relationship, from the first time that you kissed, to the big “I Do,”; who is anyone to judge? They’re just jealous that they didn’t think of these amazing ideas!