It’s the age old question. Do I or do I not allow kids at my wedding? I mean it’s a valid question. Let’s first tackle the issue of having children in your wedding. In your mind, you have this picturesque idea that little Johnny will make his way down the aisle, gracefully holding his pillow that is carrying your rings, and stand there, just like the little gentleman that he is throughout the entire ceremony.

Let’s get real people. Putting a child in your wedding is right up there with putting your pet in the wedding. Now I’m not opposed to it, but just realize that you have to expect the unexpected with children (and pets). Chances are, little Johnny is taking off in the opposite direction about 5 steps down the aisle. And if your actual wedding rings are attached to the pillow he just took off with…well let’s just say I don’t want to be the one to have to run off after him on a mission for those rings. That being said, just have plan B ready to go. Little Johnny doesn’t have to be carrying the actual rings or any rings at all. After all, isn’t he there just to look cute? This is your wedding day that you planned to a tee. What could possibly go wrong?

When brides tell me “I’d prefer not to have kids at my wedding, but what do I do without a ring bearer?”, my advice is to have your best man and maid of honor hold your rings. 

But would it be OK to have kids at my wedding?

Of course! Let’s say little Johnny made it through the ceremony and now it’s time to party. If you’re going to have children at your wedding, you have to be prepared to entertain the kids too. It’s not hard. Have an activity table where the kids can draw in coloring books. Get a wedding cake piñata for the kids to take turns trying to hit, under adult supervision of course. We’ve even heard where brides paid for a babysitter to be on site during the wedding and reception to watch the kids while the adults enjoy themselves during the evening. So you see, there are ways to make your wedding kid-friendly.

On the other hand, do be afraid to put on your invitations that you are not allowing kids at your wedding. It’s not an unreasonable request, but don’t be surprised when you start getting some calls from friends asking if you can make an exception just for them. But stand your ground!

If you make an exception for one person, everyone else will either expect it too or be offended that you didn’t make them the exception! Just remember that this is your day. You’re making the calls, you’re making the payments, and your guests will just have to respect your decisions or else…BYE FELICIA!

At Wind Dancer Retreat, we’re here to help our brides avoid as much stress as possible by helping you decide if you want kids at your wedding will help you avoid blowing your budget and insure a unique wedding you’ll never forget. You can download our Wedding Planning Guide to get more tips to make your wedding day a success.